HBSA Networking Events and Online Webinars

HBSA events are renowned for offering members unique networking opportunities bringing together friends and colleagues from across the hair and beauty business sectors. Ideally, we like to run the majority of our events face-to-face in attractive establishments and venues.

Today, it is the norm to connect over Zoom or Teams and a person can gain 100 followers in just a few days on Twitter or LinkedIn. The global pandemic has changed business practices. Almost all businesses have had to adapt to the realities of lock-downs, closed premises, social distancing and often cities with no hospitality sector open for business.

Online meetings and webinars play a very important and at times convenient role within many businesses. Zoom, Teams and Google have been very successful in keeping the office wheels turning during the past year. The HBSA are running online webinars on particular topics: employment law, Brexit implications, EU regulation. Online platforms are useful particularly if they are information led, creatively led or process orientated.

However, in an age when online connections are easy to come by, when allowed, face to face networking still matters.

Networking events allow you to be recognised. There is a reason we like to put a name with a face. It helps us remember people. Colleagues and peers will be looking at you and they will also see your facial expressions and be more likely to remember you as a result.

HBSA events allow you to meet in person. You can speak up, respond ‘in real time’ and have people actually listen and hear you.┬áIn-person meetings also increase your chances of being understood. Often social cues are missed or misinterpreted online. Online meetings can be very useful depending on the circumstances but sometimes it is hard to:

  • hear the tone of voice
  • see facial expressions
  • watch someone’s body language
  • observe intentional gestures

You meet people at HBSA events often in an informal environment. You can meet a wide variety of people and that is where some of the best connections come from.

In person or online, we hope to see you soon.

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