Croner Free Advice Line

The HBSA provides a free Employment Law help line with a third party company called Croners.  They offer advice to members across a wide range of topics all aimed at helping you to run your business in a legal and compliant way.

As an HBSA member you can call Croners on 0844 561 8133

The key areas they advise on are:

  • Employment law
  • Health & Safety
  • Tax & VAT
  • Commercial Legal Issues

Croner consulting offer accurate and reliable legal advice from experts with years of practical experience and they have access to the most up-to-date legislation, case law and precedent.

They offer practical support, guidance and protection, helping organisations to reduce risks for their business and employees, minimise disputes and accidents and avoid penalties, compensation payments and tribunals.

Croners provide up-to-date business and legal online information and factsheets, which provide at-a-glance updates on changes in relevant legislation as well as detailed procedures.

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