Industry Exhibitions and HBSA Events

The exhibition and events industry has been hit hard during the pandemic. Organisers have been scheduling, re-scheduling, negotiating and re-negotiating every 3 months for almost 2 years. At the start of the year, Omicron has affected a huge number of events which have either been postponed or cancelled.

As Spring arrives, it is great that a number of face-to-face industry exhibitions and events will be opening their doors. The latest research indicates that ‘zoom-weary delegates’ appear keen to return and to in-person events and trade shows. There is no doubt that online meetings are extremely useful and time-saving. However, meeting in person gives you great opportunities to be recognised, to see facial expressions and to pick up on social cues which are often hard to repeat on a screen.

At trade shows and HBSA events you can meet a wide variety of people and that is where some of the best connections come from.

Below are  some of the upcoming events for 2022 and 2023. In person or online, we hope to see you soon.

Summer Party

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