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New UK-EU Trade Agreement

The new UK-EU agreement is based on 4 layers of understanding. It does not match the level of cooperation that existed when the UK was part of the EU, but it goes well beyond traditional free trade agreements. It consists of:

1. An unprecedented free trade agreement
2. Cooperation on economic, social, environmental and fisheries issues
3. A close partnership for citizens’ security
4. An overarching governance framework

The Publications Office of the EU has produced a handy synopsis of the main points of the new agreement which can be read if you click here.

Further information and guidance from the UK Government can be found here.

How to import goods into the EU

How to export goods from the UK to international destinations including the EU

Finding commodity codes for import into the UK or export into the EU

Using the Trade Tariff tool to find a commodity code

Networking with the HBSA

The HBSA runs a number of different events throughout the year. These occasions offer great opportunities to spend time with industry colleagues and friends. HBSA events:

  • Offer some unique quality networking opportunities, often in an informal atmosphere
  • Allow for smaller and larger companies from different industry sectors to meet together
  • Reinforce existing friendships and professional relationships

The Annual General Meeting weekend away is a great opportunity to spend a couple of nights away at a conference hotel. The itinerary gives a chance for the formalities of the AGM which is followed by a specialist business speaker who aims to inform, educate and motivate the guests. There are two dinners and this is interspersed with a group outing and plenty of time to network.

The Summer Party is an opportunity for members and their wider teams to enjoy a drink, meal and entertainment in an informal environment. The networking opportunities are always a highlight of this special evening.

Events are held at both Professional Beauty in London and at Salon International. In 2021 we are offering a drinks reception and a dinner party at each event.

Information led webinars are also scheduled on important topics. At present, these are aimed at helping members to be compliant with some of the trading challenges due to the UK leaving the EU.



HBSA Summer Party

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